Andegavia believes in providing our customers with exceptional wine in sustainable packaging. From the corrugated cardboard exterior to the BPA-free no.7 plastic bladder and tap, our casks are designed so that every material used is 100% recyclable. Additionally, all of the corrugated cardboard components of our Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified cask packaging and shipping containers are sourced locally, within 60 miles, of our California facility. 

The absence of using resource intensive, heavy glass for bottles allows for reduced energy consumption in our cask packaging and shipping; providing up to a 50% smaller carbon footprint than our glass counterparts’ product life cycle.

Reducing waste is key to being environmentally responsible. Andegavia strives to ensure that after our wine is enjoyed, consumers may have the peace of mind knowing that our product is designed to be zero-waste and landfill free, helping to clean our environment and your conscience!

Andegavia is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet! As a member, 1%  of our sales is donated to non-profit environmental organizations looking to leave the Earth in a better condition than we found it. As a consumer, you can feel good knowing your purchase is helping to create a healthy planet. Learn more here