Napa & Sonoma Blends in Sustainable Casks

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Recent Press

“Wine on tap… what could be more amazing? Andegavia… comes in beautiful 100% recycled packaging and in several varieties. Get it delivered to your door and take it along to your next summer outing.”
Parade / Condé Nast

“With a focus on sustainability and exquisite wines, Andegavia’s California red and whites have received rave reviews
– box and all!”
N Magazine

“The Andegavia brand stands out… blind-tasted their Napa red blend against two other bottled Napa Cab-based blends… Andegavia was discernibly different… in taste and experience… it showed itself admirably.”

“Andegavia certainly offers much more complexity. Tasters agreed that the Pinot Noir was exceptional and at $17.50, a good value.”
The Modesto Bee

“Andegavia wines are the perfect addition. 3L casks (approx. 4 bottles) are the ideal size for entertaining with family and friends.”
Urban Lux

“Andegavia: Smart Package, Tasty Product”
Dallas Wine Chick

“For a splurge, seek out Andegavia, a company that is packaging super premium boxed wines.”
The Kitchn

Why Cask Wine?

Quality: Our cask wines are sourced from top vineyards in Napa & Sonoma Valley

Savings: Save 30-60%+ over comparable bottled wines

Eco-Friendly: Our cask wine packaging is 100% recyclable

Convenience: 1 cask = 4 bottles

Freshness: Stays fresh for four weeks

Delivery: Directly to your doorstep via UPS or FedEx

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Photography by Cary Hazlegrove, Nantucket, MA